Securr Medical Disposal Locking Trash Can MW01-S or MW01-P Waste Kiosk

Special Needs in Medical Waste Containers

Securr is a corporation that has long acted as the leader when it comes to innovative solutions for problems pertaining to the safe management of waste materials.  When the wastes are associated with medical practices, special requirements must be met in order to safely dispose of unwanted wastes.  Some of these may be dangerous to handle because of their disease carrying potential such as bodily fluids and blood products.  Others may present hazards to the unwary because by their very nature they are able to pierce the skin.  These would include such items as used needles and shards of broken glass.  Both are generated in significant quantities by common medical practices.

Proper storage and disposal of medical waste is a vital component of complying with mandated safety regulations.  At the same time, consideration must be given to making sure that a medical facility be an attractive site that denotes a well run organization.  Securr has a sizeable product line of both indoor and outdoor containers suitable for any situation.  It has units developed especially for the storage and disposal of sharps and pharmaceuticals.

Quality Material and Construction Lead to Long Life for Products

Securr medical trash cans and waste containers are fashioned from galvanealed steel that makes them strong and durable.  The fabrication process gives the metal the same sort of ability to resist corrosion that comes from galvanizing, but with the added advantage of the material being able to absorb a powdered surface which makes a suitable surface for painting.  Securr is able to offer customers custom features such as painting the company logo or other requested material onto the receptacles.  Another option is to have emblems laser cut into the surface of the containers.

Since Securr manufactures all of its products at its Ontario, CA production facility, it is able to customize any order.  Products may be ordered in a variety of colors including forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown and black.

Locking Systems Keep Disposables Safe

Securr medical waste containers are not only durable, but they are attractive to look at.  This makes them suitable for use in any sort of professional office.  Their chute loading systems keeps materials away from contact with others.  Once an item is dropped through the top, it becomes impossible to reach inside to retrieve it.   The only way to gain access to the contents will be to unlock the side door that allows materials to be removed.  The liner bag is easily removed from the side and provides a safe and effective container for transporting the material to a disposal site.  These containers hold 38 gallons of medical waste.

The Securr container for sharps disposal requires a key to unlock the side door in order to remove the contents.  This helps prevent theft of needles and other implements that may be in the unit.  The medical kiosk for disposal of pharmaceuticals requires two keys to unlock the disposal door.  This provides the highest level of protection of all.