Securr Medical Kiosks Help Improve Clinic Safety Records

Securr Medical Kiosk

Protect your facility from fines and safety violations with a Securr Medical Kiosk.

State and federal laws and regulations require medical facilities and clinics to properly dispose of medical waste.Since they may carry hepatitis, HIV and other bacterial and infectious germs, disposal of syringes, lancets and needles, commonly referred to as “sharps,” must comply with safe and legal disposal requirements. Failure to do so exposes individuals to injury, infection and illness from the sharps and bodily fluids routinely disposed of by medical and veterinary clinics. Since these

may not be disposed of in regular trash or sewer, appropriate disposal containers are necessary.

Any sharps generated by commercial, medical or other business enterprises fall into the category of biomedical waste. Considered biohazards, failure to comply with appropriate disposal directives also results in massive fines and damages the facility’s reputation in the community. Since multiple regulatory departments oversee biohazard disposal, including OSHA, the US Department of Transportation, local departments of health and public safety and both federal and local environment protections agencies, complying with the multiple rules and laws is complex and requires expert services and suitable equipment. In addition, most regulatory bodies consider safe disposal of all biomedical waste to be the responsibility of the owner of the facility and a direct cost of doing business. This is true regardless of the business entity: for-profit, not-for-profit and non-profit.

Proper Disposal Containers

Compliance requires suitable disposal containers both for inside and outside the clinic. In addition, containers and receptacles must adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility (ADA) stipulations. Securr medical kiosks meet each of these statute requirements. Adding Securr medical kiosks to a facility improves safety compliance records by keeping medical waste and biohazards secure from theft, vandalism and accidental spillage.

Constructed of Galvannealed steel, Securr brand medical kiosks resist rust and corrosion. Outdoor containers resist damage even in extreme environmental conditions. Both indoor and outdoor models have locks and secure chutes. Complying with all health and safety regulations regarding biohazard disposal by using Securr brand medical kiosks and containers augments safety records and protects clinics, medical facilities and veterinary facilities from fines and regulatory sanctions.


While compliance with regulatory bodies and protection from injury and improves safety records, it also improves the appearance of the facility and protects from vandalism. Utilizing Securr medical kiosks increases value and protects your facility’s hard won reputation.


Each attractive, durable kiosk is made from galvanealed steel, a cold-rolled steel product with a galvanized-coated surface. The process gives this material ability to inhibit corrosion in the same way as hot-dipped galvanized steel, but the specially coated surface allows high adhesion of powder coated (painted) finishes. Lined with stainless steel, the containers’ loading chute protects from outside access. Inside the container, a regulated medical waste liner with a lid allows for removal and transport.

  • Indoor and outdoor containers
  • ADA-compliant for medical waste
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Locked and protected
  • Tamper resistant
  • Containers to hold up to 38 gallons
  • Special containers for sharps
  • Containers for pharmaceutical waste
  • Stainless steel-lined loading chutes

To select the kiosk(s) to fit your facility’s needs, visit Securr.