Securr Medical Sharps Kiosk and Securr Medical Waste Kiosks


Medical institutions need to store and dispose waste in a safe manner, and they ought to follow a set of strict regulations in order to maintain a systematized structure, and have a pleasant appearance at the same time. Fortunately, by using the newest Securr line, this is no longer an issue, because these special containers can be easily used indoor, as well as outdoor. Likewise, they are available in a wide range of models, sizes and shapes, thus, you will surely find the right one, suitable for your needs. It does not matter if you are looking for a modern medical waste kiosk, or if you want a good looking medical trash can suitable for pharmaceutics, as the Securr line includes both of them and more.

General Features of the Securr Medical Waste Kiosks

The Securr medical waste kiosks are extremely durable, and buyers will have the chance to use them for a long period of time. All the kiosks are made exclusively of steel, being resistant to corrosion, and featuring a pleasant aspect at the same time. Not to mention that all trash cans can be personalized and each buyer can select the one most suitable for his needs. Also, the content of the container is secured, and it cannot be reached by outsiders, and this is an extremely important issue when it comes to medical waste. The content of a Securr kiosk can be removed only by unlocking the container, and the lid is well attached; therefore, it can be moved safely, and in a single bin it can hold up to 38 gallons

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of waste.

Securr Medical Waste Kiosks – Necessary in All Medical Facilities

A Securr medical kiosk is a wise investment, because it can be used for many years to come considering the durable materials they’re made from. The material cannot be destroyed easily, and the nice appearance will remain unchanged, facts that make these containers a necessary item for all medical facilities. Likewise, these waste cans are made of Galvanized steel, a special material that makes them ultra-resistant to exterior conditions. Therefore, it, does not matter if the kiosks are deposited outside, because they will still remain intact and will not acquire a disagreeable aspect.

Buyers should also know that all the Securr medical waste kiosks are ADA compliant, and there are available in numerous models. Since the containers can be personalized, you can make them integrate perfectly in the overall look of the facility, and with a little imagination, they can be a terrific way to promote your business.

The company puts a great emphasis on the desires and needs of its customers, and for this reason it has created this special line of medical kiosks, that are the best products of this type available on the market. Buying such a trash can save you a lot of money, and you’ll be sure that the bin is a qualitative item, which will not break easily, and will function perfectly for an extended period of time. For instance, one of the most popular models is the SECURR MW01-S, fine kiosk, which is found in numerous medical institutions these days because of the tough material and easy to use mechanism.