Securr Medical Waste Enclosure for Pharmaceuticals


Appropriate storage and disposal of medical waste is something critical in medical facilities where must be kept clean and sterilized. Strict regulations must be followed by these institutions in order to look good and protect the patients. Luckily for them, the acclaimed trash can company Securr has just released a line of medical waste kiosks that are appropriate for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

You can find them in various sizes, shapes and models and they are all ADA compliant. Whether you’re interested in buying a new medical waste receptacle for personal purposes or commercial uses, Securr will exhibit various models customer can choose from.

Introducing the Securr Medical Waste Receptacles

All trash cans manufactured by Securr are long-lasting and made of durable materials. They’re manufactured of steel, they’re corrosion-resistant and they have a nice appearance. You can personalize your trash cans based on your necessities or you can easily send a message to raise awareness.

When it comes to the medical waste containers, buyers should know that the waste will be locked within the containers. Kids won’t be able to reach inside the trash can so they’re 100% safe. Also, you can safely transport it to a specific place if the lid is positioned appropriately. These bins have a capacity of 38 gallons and are designed to be durable.

Picking the best Securr Medical Waste Receptacle

The containers provided by Securr known as the Medical Pharmeceutical Kiosks are the ones suitable for pharmaceutical and medical waste. In order to manufacture the cans, the company uses extra-durable galvannealed steel. The pharmaceutical kiosks feature two locks and they can be easily placed both outdoor and indoor, since they can deal very well with the toughest environment conditions.

The CE138-CH-S model from Securr is particularly designed for medical waste. It is ADA compliant, heavy duty, and it can fit perfectly in hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as outside spaces. The receptacle uses a type of loading door known as a ‘chute’ and the contents are safely removed as soon as the door is unlocked. It can be easily utilized for sharp medical items such as syringes as well as additional pharmaceutical waste.

General features of the CE138-CH-S Medical Waste Receptacle

  • ce138-ch-s-medcorrosion resistant steel
  • attractive design
  • models available in various colors
  • galvanized coating
  • loading chute
  • heavy-duty gauge enclosure
  • 38 gallon capacity

Overall, the medical waste enclosure bins from Securr are excellent products for areas that need to be kept clean such as medical facilities and hospitals. The CE138-CH-S model is extremely simple to use, the waste is secured inside, and it can only be emptied after it has been unlocked.