Securr Medical Waste Kiosks Keeps the Public Safe from Bio-Wastes

Proper disposal and storage of medical waste is an extremely important matter in all medical facilities. These institutions need to follow a set of strict regulations, maintain an organized structure and still have an attractive appearance. Fortunately, this is no longer a challenge. Securr has a new line of medical waste kiosks that work perfectly both indoor and outdoor. They’re ADA compliant and there are available in diverse models, shapes and sizes. Therefore, whether you need a medical trash can for pharmaceutics or you just want a brand new medical waste kiosk, Securr will definitely have the right model for you.

Presenting the Securr Medical Waste Kiosks

What is more, all Securr medical waste kiosks are very durable. They’re made of steel, are resistant to corrosion and have an enjoyable appearance. The trash cans can be personalized according to the buyers needs and there’s a variety of types to choose from. Also, the content of the containers is entirely secured and cannot be reached by anyone, which is an important matter since we are talking about medical waste. The content of such a Securr container can be removed only if the waste kiosk is unlocked. Also, if the lid is positioned well in place it can be safely transported to a special area. The bins can hold up to 38 gallons of waste and are specially designed to last for a long period of time.

Selecting the finest Securr Medical Waste Kiosks

Securr offers waste containers for medical and pharmaceutical waste. Both of them are made of galvannealed steel and stainless steel, being extra-durable. Likewise, the pharmaceutical kiosks have two locks, whereas the sharp ones have only one. They are just as resistant indoor and outdoor, and cope well with the harshest environments. Moreover, if you still are unsure of what to opt for, which one would be more suitable considering your needs or you want more details,

you can always contact the team. Securr is always happy to talk with its customers and pay great importance to their needs.

All in all, the Securr Medical Sharps Kiosks are the best choice in terms of appearance and durability. They cannot be unlocked by anyone, resist for a long period of time, match perfectly with any environment and are a necessary thing for any medical or pharmaceutical institution. Unlike traditional trash cans, these ones are perfectly crafted for hospitals and places where the garbage must be properly taken care of.