Securr Model CE132 Animal Proof Trash Can

Leaving your garbage outside, in a non-protected trash can is extremely dangerous, especially for people who live in the area of North America where bear threatening is a constant problem. Likewise, it is a serious issue and it ought to be treated accordingly. There have been many cases, mostly in the cities located in the proximity of the woods or in the national parks, where bears have gotten very close to the human residences and started eating from the trash.

What is more, this has not been a singular case, and the issue is a really dangerous problem. Bears in general have a very sensitive smell, being able to feel from miles away, and in that time of the year when they do not find anything to eat they started eating from the humans’ trash containers, endangering the population.

Therefore, to prevent these situations, we, have come up with a unique line of containers. It is named BearSaver and is the top animal proof trademark producing these types of cans in North America. Our products could not have a better timing, since the problem of bears was more commonly met every day, and these special trash-cans have already proved to be extremely useful. They were installed in several national parks, such as Sequoia and Yellowstone and have prevented the wild animals from attacking the garbage bins.

What is more, they are so efficient because they feature a special design and are made to be highly resistant. The Bearsaver trash cans are made entirely out of metal and are completely closed, thus the bear cannot reach the content of the can and not even feel the smell that comes from inside. Also, the have various models and sizes and can be used in commercial spaces and at home with the same effectiveness.

However, the BearSaver trash cans have been generally intended to be used outside and can face even the most persistent bears or any other type of wild animals that usually attack the garbage bins. They assure a safe place to dispose you waste and you will no longer have to feat that will have to fight with a bear when you take your trash out.  They are just as effective in the national parks and your back yard. There is only a matter of opting for the right size.

Also, all the products from the BearSaver trash-cans line have very accessible prices. They are of high quality, and guarantee you will have the expected result at an affordable price. Not to mention that they can be easily ordered from the Securr website, where are presented all the types of trash-cans, thus it will be very facile to choose the most appropriate one for you needs.

For instance, the model CE132-CH is an extremely effective one. It has a single trash enclosure and very large capacity of 32 gallons. Likewise it is ADA compliant and 100% animal resistant. And for a small extra fee can be added custom lasers add graphics to provide it with a personalized look.