Securr Model HA-P Animal Proof Trash Cans


Avoid Possible Dangerous Contact

With the growing prevalence of people living near wilderness, woodland and other territory that wildlife frequent, the possibility grows that people will meet up in unwanted encounters with wildlife that has wandered onto their home site.  What animals find most attractive about human habitation is the presence of food.  They can come to understand that a house contains food in abundance through the trash residents in this sort of zone throw out.

Many animals have a keen sense of smell and can be attracted for considerable distance by the odor of garbage.  An encounter with a bear at night when taking out the trash can be an unnerving experience.  The bear actually has the worst of it in these episodes.  Bears and other forest creatures can become habituated to garbage and become a serious nuisance in a neighborhood.  Animal control officers may have to be called out to relocate the bear.  If the animal manages to keep returning to its old haunts, the animal may have to be destroyed.

While bears and humans are both herbivores, they are not suited for the same diet.  Bears will not thrive by living off garbage although they may be attracted by the easy pickings.  It is therefore important for people living on the forest fringe and other zones rich in wildlife to take proper precautions in disposing of trash.  Cans with unsecured lids left unattended are an open invitation for hungry critters to come looking for something to eat.  If the cans are knocked over spilling the contents, it will further spread the mess and attract vermin as well.

Bear Proofing a Specialty

The Securr Corporation has developed the HA Series of trash receptacles to deal with this problem.  The HA-P model is animal proof, bear proof, and ADA compliant.  The container is stylish enough to be featured at visitor centers and other heavily trafficked locations.  At such sites, there can be a profusion of wildlife attracted by the discards that large numbers of inevitably drop.  Food wrappings, cups, and other containers contain food residues that animals will feed off of.  In a bit of irony, visitor centers often have exhibits inside that feature displays of these very same animals along with warnings not to feed them.

The HA-P receptacle eliminates these worries.  Trash will be safe from bears as well as raccoons and other creatures that enjoy rummaging through food waste to find tasty morsels they will enjoy.

The HA line can be ordered with a number of decals.  It is possible to laser cut company logos along the side or other sorts of graphic details.  Securr Corporation does custom work.  Special orders may be placed by calling 1-888-671-7066.  Professionals in the field of waste management are available to help you with any sort of disposal needs you may have.  Their animal proof line is just one of many sorts of receptacles they carry.

The HA-P can be ordered in a number of colors including black, olive green, fir green, brown, and sky blue.