SECURR MW01-S or MW01-P Medical Waste Kiosk

Proper disposal of medical waste is an extremely important matter, since it can be a danger for the society if used incorrectly. There’s always a safer way to dispose properly the waste, especially if we’re talking about a medical facility. Fortunately, Securr comes with the MW01-P Medical Sharps Kiosks that are strong, ADA compliant and the best choice for the industry. These products are durable and have a pleasant appearance and are two crucial factors in this industry. These SECURR MW01-S trash cans use a secure locked door which cannot be opened by anyone, thus the content is absolutely safe. Also, the pharmaceutical containers feature actually two locks, thus the content really cannot be accessed by anyone.

The manufacturing process of the SECURR MW01-S Medical Waste Kiosks

What is more, the Securr Waste Kiosks are made to stay in perfect shape for a long period of time. Like all other trash cans, they cannot be destroyed very easily and can be used successfully for several years in a row. The Medical Sharps Kiosks are made out of galvannealed steel which does not corrode easily and has an attractive look at the same time. It is a special, cold type of steel which is rolled with a Galvanized coating that makes it resistant to all sorts of exterior conditions. Likewise, the loading chute of the containers is lined with stainless steel and they all have elegant shapes that do not strike as unpleasant. On the inside there is steel enclosure and a lid that assures a safe transport of the waste. It has a capacity of 38 gallons.

These Securr cans can be successfully used both indoor and outdoor, and come in a wide variety to choose from. They all are ADA compliant and feature diverse sizes, designs, unique styles and colors. The cans can even be personalized with custom designs and logos that might help promote your business.

Top quality Medical Waste Kiosks from Securr

Purchasing a Securr item will ensure excellent quality. The company puts great emphasis on offering their clients only the best products on the market. Therefore, if you buy a trash can you can be sure that it will last for a long period of time. Also, if it breaks you can easily replace the piece instead of buying a new one. The fact that you can make personal additions to the containers is really interesting too because you can use the SECURR MW01-S medical waste kiosks to advertise your company for example.