Securr Outdoor Trash Bins Create Advertising Dollars

Securr Outdoor Advertising Trash Bins

Capture attention with the Securr Outdoor Advertising Trash Bins

Americans are subjected to advertising an average of 5,000 times per day. Traditional advertising focuses on television, magazine or newspaper impressions to attract their audience. With the advent of DVR television, consumers often choose to skip the advertisements altogether, while magazine and newspaper consumption has given way to online sources for information. To combat this bombardment for their attention, people often tend to block out “active” advertising such as television or radio ads. Advertisers know that some “passive” advertising reach, such as billboards, has limitations since many cities have ordinances against billboards of a certain size or within city limits. As advertising space becomes more difficult to find, advertisers look for other options to impress their brand or product on consumers. Non-billboard “Out-of-Home Advertising” is growing in popularity due to its low cost, visibility and public access. Securr trash and recycling bins offer just such access for passive product promotion.

Ads on Securr’s appealing, sturdy receptacles in a variety of sizes offer multiple outlets for advertising while also providing public service by confining trash or collecting recyclables. With your Securr advertising trash bins, advertise your own business, or bring in revenue by leasing advertising space to others.

Advertising Saturation

When trash receptacle advertising is properly applied, viewers’ attention is captured while they perform an everyday activity. Because the promotion is passive and in the course of their routine, they tend to not automatically block the ad. When the ad is unique, eye-catching or promotes brand recognition with a logo, the impression will stick with the viewer even if they don’t actively read the ad. Plastering dozens of billboards or posters in a small area is unrealistic, unsightly and usually violates ordinances, but multiple trash cans in a single location is common and expected offering frequency of ad-views in a positive manner.

Location, Location, Location

As in real estate, out-of-home advertising should be located where it is seen most often. What better way to get “ad-views” than on a container that receives constant use and to which the user actively approaches? Outdoor receptacles most often sit in obvious locations, easily accessible and visible to passersby.

Advantages of Securr Outdoor Advertising Trash Cans & Recycle Bins

  • Securr advertising professionals have determined optimal ad dimensions ensuring that each ad’s proportions fit the trash can’s size and shape. Ads that have too small proportions often go unnoticed, while oversized ads often annoy the viewer and become a nuisance. Securr’s advertising spaces address both problems.
  • To be remembered in a positive light, the trash container must best fit the location. Securr offers receptacles with differing capacities. Choosing the correct size for the location improves the messaging of the ad.
  • Securr advertising trash cans and recycle bins have been designed for outdoor environmental exposure. With their durable materials and high-quality finishes, Securr’s receptacles are built to last for years, ensuring  a positive presentation for your company or your advertisers.

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