Securr Outdoor Trash Cans and Recycle Bins

Receptacles are Durable and Pleasing in Looks

Securr is the name people look to when seeking a solution to their problems connected to the storage of trash and recyclable materials.  The trash cans and recycling bins made by Securr are acknowledged to be the most attractive and durable of those on the market.  Securr outdoor trash cans and recycling bins are available with several styles of side panels.  These side panels are replaceable in case of damage or new design requirements.  Parts are interchangeable with Securr products so damage to a component does not mean the entire unit needs to be replaced.  This offers customers a price break particularly if multiple receptacles are being employed.

There are two standard top options available for outdoor trash cans and recycling bins.  Custom openings are also available on request.  Securr designs and manufactures all of its products at its production facilities in Ontario, CA.  Customers therefore can work with the manufacturer to individualize their order.  By calling 1-888-671-7066, one can speak to a qualified technician who will be able to offer solutions to any sort of problem involving storage of trash or recycling materials.  They can order that company logos be painted on sides or embossed into surface by means of laser cutting.  Ads may also be placed on panels which raises the possibility that a revenue stream may be created from your waste receptacles and recycling bins.

Manufacturing Process Gives Strength and Provides Options

Securr trash cans and recycling bins have frames fashioned from galvanealed steel.  This industrial process provides the same sort of corrosion resistant qualities that are obtained with galvanized metal, but it offers the advantage of leaving a surface suitable for powder finishes.  The unit can accept paint or vinyl decals of varying size, shape, or color.

Securr trash cans and recycling bins are unique in their method for emptying the containers.  Most manufacturers make receptacles that empty through the top.  This can result in serious back injury particularly in large models which can hold a substantial amount of weight.  Securr receptacles empty through a door on the side that swings out making emptying the unit simple and safe.

Securr outdoor receptacles feature bolt down holes located on the inside.  There is a choice of several standard colors that use UV resistant textured powder coat.  Colors that are offered include forest green, olive green, sky blue, white, brown, and black.  A number of standard decals are offered at no extra charge.  These include Recycle, Trash, Glass, Plastic, Recycle, and Aluminum symbols.  Custom lettering and graphics can be ordered.

A rigid plastic liner is standard and comes with Securr outdoor trash cans and recycling bins.  Swing out bag racks may be selected instead at no extra charge.  These units are ADA compliant.

Securr latches, hinges, and hardware are made of stainless or zinc plated steel.  Frames are made of either 14 or 16 gauge galvanealed steel.  The finish is resistant to fog, salt spray, humidity, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and abrasion.