Securr Park Trash Cans Keep Parks Clean for Visitors

Keeping Parks Tidy the Aim here

Securr is the recognized leader in supplying the needs for trash cans and recycling bins. The company keeps coming up with innovative solutions to the problems that arise from the need to safely store unwanted rubbish until it can be removed to a disposal site, Securr along with its

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sister company BearSaver has been providing recycling and trash receptacles to all sorts of parks for a number of years. No matter if it is a city park, county park, state park, or even an amusement park, Securr will be able to provide a solution to whatever sort of trash problems such sites may have.

Securr has a wide variety of receptacles. Some focus on being animal proof while others aim at being decorative. Customers have a host of options to choose from. No matter what selection is made, the product will be attractive and long lasting. Securr containers are fashioned using cold rolled galvanealed steel which has great material strength. The galvanealing process gives the metal the same corrosion resistant property as that found in galvanized metal, but with the added bonus of leaving a surface that can accept a powder finish. This makes an ideal medium for the application of paint and decals. These sturdy products are able to withstand hard use in harsh environments.

For added protection against the damaging effects of salted sidewalks found in snowy regions, Securr offers an optional cold spray galvanizing process. With the use of stainless steel hinges and finished with high grade UV resistant powder coat, many years of trouble free use are guaranteed. In case a receptacle becomes damaged, the flawed part may easily be removed and replaced. There is no need to replace the entire unit which saves customers considerable money. Units are emptied via a side door which makes the operation easy and prevents possible back injury.

Assistance Available to Customize a Solution

All of Securr’s products are designed and manufactured at its production facilities in Ontario, CA. This means there is no middle man to tack on costs. It also means that clients can work with the plant operators to individualize their orders. They can have a company logo or decorative details painted onto panels. They can also choose to do the same with the use if vinyl decals in any size, shape, or color. Another option would be to have emblems of this sort laser cut into metal surfaces.

Parks make widespread use of both Guardian series and Sentinel series receptacles. The former has a rounded appearance while the latter is a rectangular design. Both are emptied via a side door. The units can be ordered in a variety of colors including forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.

In areas where wildlife is a concern, Securr offers a number of receptacles that are animal resistant. Whenever a problem arises in the management of wastes, Securr works hard to find a solution. They use the latest in software to make sure their designs remain at the cutting edge of the technology currently available.