SECURR’s New Relationship with San Jose Earthquakes

Big news in Major League Soccer – the San Jose Earthquakes recently announced they are building a new state-of-the-art soccer stadium in Silicon Valley. Securr, one of the nation’s leading designers and manufacturers of waste receptacles, is delighted to report that they have created a new product in the Stadium Series just for this new facility. We recently sat down with Steve Thompson, Director of Marketing and Sales at Securr, to learn more.

Stadium Series, 36-gallon

Q: Steve, can you tell me how this unique relationship with the San Jose Earthquakes came about? 

A: Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to work with Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, and supplied all the waste and recycling receptacles for the stadium. The inaugural Levi’s Stadium event was actually a soccer game between the Seattle Sounders and the San Jose Earthquakes. With the Earthquakes brand new stadium under construction, officials from the team saw our containers, were impressed with the quality of construction and materials and gave us a call.

Q:  How does the design of the Stadium Series, 36-gallon, 2-bin receptacle differ from other receptacles in the Stadium Series line? 

A:  The Earthquakes had a very specific design in mind that would compliment the feel of the new stadium. There were architects involved that wanted the receptacles to have the same characteristics as the stadium details. The colors and hole patterns are very much like the railings you find throughout the stadium. The challenge was to interpret the customer’s vision, since there were no drawings, and give them the custom receptacle they had in mind. It worked out great.

Q:  Securr not only has a wide range of waste receptacles for sale, but I see you also have the ability to custom-create them for your customers, just like you did for the Earthquakes. How does that process work? 

A:  There are a lot questions that need to be asked right up front. Questions like, “What capacity do you need? What are you going to collect and how do you want it separated? What are your recycling requirements? Do you expect to collect more recyclables than trash?  Also, since they are custom, what kind of a design do you want punched into the metal?” It starts with a series of drawings going back and forth until the customer sees on paper exactly what they want. The drawings are full color renderings that show all the detail possible so once the receptacles are manufactured, they come out exactly as expected.

Q:   How does having your own manufacturing facility in Southern California make your products and services different from those of your competitors? 

A: Most all of our competitors are resellers. They buy and sell only and have no idea how these things are actually made. When you buy direct from the manufacturer, which you would in our case, you get to tap directly into our resources to get the custom products you desire. Our engineering staff can make drawings in a short amount of time that the customer can review and critique to ensure they get exactly what they want. With no middleman to interpret the information before conveying it to the manufacturer, there’s nothing to be lost in translation.

Q:  Lastly, what is one thing about Securr you would like your customers to know that they might not already know? 

A: Our customers have the unique opportunity to directly influence the design of the receptacle they need to buy. Even though we have hundreds of products to choose from, the flexibility of our operation and the ability to work directly with us is something our customers really seem to enjoy. There are not many places like us where the customers have a hand in the creative process.

To learn more about Securr’s Stadium Series line of receptacles as well as the wide range of products that are available, please visit them at or call 1-888-671-7066.