Securr Trash Can Manufacturers in California

Efficient Operations Result in Customer Savings

Securr is a name that people have come to trust when it comes to making selections about waste receptacles and recycling bins.  The Securr Corporation has a large product line which offers solutions to every need when it comes to the safe and efficient storage of unwanted waste and materials destined for a recycling center.  All of the containers sold by Securr are manufactured at their production facility in Ontario, CA.  There is no middle man involved in the design and manufacturing of their [products which results in considerable savings to the consumer.

Securr allows customers to purchase their selections direct from the factory which is unique among trash can manufacturers.  Securr employs the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create its products.  The CAD designed products are then translated and understood by computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines.  This allows new products to be produced quickly and efficiently.  The process results in products that have great precision.  All this both saves the client money and improves the quality of any purchase.

Purchasing products directly from the manufacturer allows consumers to customize their orders.  They may seek advice from the operators of the plant as to how their order should be modified to make the purchase more specific to their needs.

Securr has a Large Line of Products

Securr is always striving to address new issues that crop up in the field of waste management and storage of recyclable material.  They have already developed a range of receptacles in several specialized fields including those that are listed below.

  • Animal-proof trash cans
  • Billboard trash and recycling receptacles
  • Collection cans
  • Custom-designed waste receptacles
  • Garbage carts
  • Indoor waste receptacles
  • Medical kiosks
  • Out-of-home advertising waste bins
  • Outdoor trash cans and recycling bins

Securr Suits Every Need Exactly

Securr has service representatives who are experts in the field of waste containers and recycling bins.  They are able to assist customers no matter what their needs may be for trash receptacles or recycling bins.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with one now.  They will be able to guide you into resolving whatever issue you may have in connection to trash disposal or recycling.

Securr products are made of high quality materials fashioned to exacting standards.  This makes their products attractive and durable. The models designed for use indoors will have aesthetically appealing looks that make them suitable for use in office settings and retail outlets.  Their outdoor bins and receptacles are sturdy and designed to hold up under the harshest of weather conditions.

The frames for Securr containers are fashioned of galvanealed steel that has been cold forged and rolled to create great material strength.  The galvanealing process imparts the same sort of corrosion resistance to metal that galvanizing does, but with the extra advantage of leaving a surface that can be painted.  Securr products may be ordered in a variety of colors including forest green, olive green, sky blue, brown, and black.