Securr Trash Can Manufacturing Process

Cans that are Reliable from Trusted Manufacturer

Securr is a name that people trust when it comes to buying products used to store trash and other disposables.  The company has an extensive product line of trash cans and recycling bins.  It has long championed recycling efforts and remains a leader in the field. There are a number of manufacturers in this field, but Securr products clearly stand out above all of the others.

Securr designs and manufactures all of it s products at its plant in Ontario, CA.  People who purchase these products are thus buying directly from the manufacturer.  There are no middle men involved.  This results in substantial savings to the consumer.

Securr uses the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to ensure that its product line remains on the cutting edge of eveyr advance that is made in the waste receptacle field.  They create products that are then translated and understood by computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines.  Through this system, Securr is able to produce new products efficiently, quickly, and with incredible precision.  All this adds up to substantial savings for the consumer.

The Right Receptacle for every Need

Purchasing a waste receptacle directly from a firm that manufactures the product saves money, and at the same time, it gives the consumer an opportunity to obtain assistance in selecting exactly the right product to meet their needs.  The following types of trash cans are available from Securr:

  • Animal proof trash cans
  • Billboard trash and recycling receptacles
  • Collection cans
  • Custom designed waste receptacles
  • Garbage carts
  • Indoor waste receptacles
  • Medical kiosks
  • Out of home advertising waste bins
  • Outdoor cans and recycling bins

Because Securr manufactures, engineers, and sells its recycling receptacles and trash cans, it has customer service representatives who are extremely knowledgeable.  They understand and can explain what each of their products has to offer.

Special Orders never a Problem with Securr

If a customer has a special request that calls out for attention, Securr has the people and the facilities to fulfill that need.  Securr agents may be contacted by calling 1-888-671-7066.  They are ready to advise you on how to resolve any waste management issue you may have.

Securr products are made of the highest quality materials and are built to last.  The frames for their containers are fabricated from galvanealed steel.  This gives them the same sort of ability to resist rust and corrosion as galvanized metal, but it also allows for a powder like finish to be applied to the container.  Such a finish is suitable for painting and the application of decals.  Securr cans come in a variety of colors such as sky blue, forest green, brown, and black.  It is possible to order a company logo painted onto the receptacle.  Another available option is to have such ornamentation laser cut into the surface,  Securr products have an attractive appearance that makes them suitable for use in a professional office or retail setting.