Spring Cleaning, the Eco-Friendly Way

Spring Cleaning

You may have been prone to clutter in previous seasons, but spring is the perfect time to change old habits. Here are 6 super simple steps from momsmeet.com that you can take to clean your home the eco-way.

Reduce your paper towel consumption. Recycle your worn clothing by turning old fabric into rags to clean quick spills and tidy up the house. Can’t find any holey clothes in your closet? Try E-cloth. Currently, cleaners everywhere are sampling (and loving) e-cloth, a general-purpose glass and polishing cloth that reduces cleaning with chemicals, as it only requires water for use. These simple alternatives save you money and help conserve the environment.

Recycle your old electronics properly. Many of us have the urge to upgrade to the latest electronics, while our past purchases are often sitting tucked away in a junk drawer or closet. In fact, in developed countries the average lifespan of a mobile phone is only two years! But electronics in landfills are hazardous to our environment because of the chemicals they contain. Search online for sites that offer you cash for your used electronics, such as Gazelle. And if you’re looking to ditch old electronics quickly, local supermarkets might offer drop boxes that recycle and send your property to developing countries around the world.

Create your own or shop for non-toxic cleaning solutions. Many household products, like baking soda and vinegar, serve as strong cleaning agents. Plus, they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can trigger rashes or irritate your respiratory system. And if you can’t picture yourself mixing it up in the kitchen, be sure to choose the safest options for your family by thoroughly reading product labels, as some purchasing guidelines do not require companies to list all ingredients. For an effective counter cleaner, mix ¼ cup baking soda and just enough liquid castile soap until it becomes a creamy consistency.

De-clutter your home. Have a yard sale or host a party with friends to swap toys and clothing items!  You can also become a member of the fast-growing freerecycle.org community which allows locals to give and receive items for free, with the purpose of keeping decent items out of landfills.

Keep your house smelling fresh, naturally. Avoid air fresheners – which can cause watery eyes, nausea, and headaches – by creating your own fragrant alternatives. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air within your home could be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. Make your own potpourri using herbs, spices, and flowers or simmer fresh spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, or vanilla on the stove.

Treat cleaning like a game instead of a chore. By assigning age-appropriate duties to your children, they gain a sense of responsibility and self-discipline within their household. Rid those dust bunnies by having the kids wear old socks and “skate” throughout the house. Be sure to properly inspect the area for hazardous items on the floor before the game begins. You can even incorporate music into the task. While the kids are “skating” around, play wax museum: Once the music stops, they must pause in place.

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