Trash Can Tickets in Queens

Even though waste recycling is strongly recommended and encouraged, there have been cases when people got fines for trying to get their trash to the collection point. This happened to a man in Queens, who received a ticket for having an eco-friendly attitude. He and many others have been trapped in a brand new law issued by the government, which stated that citizens are not allowed to take their garbage out earlier than scheduled because the trash cans are agglomerating the sidewalks.

Because few people know about the existence of this law, a lot of tickets were already given. In Queens, NYC, Raymond Janson received a $100 fine for taking out his garbage cans too early. Janson claims that he was stunned by the situation, and that he couldn’t understand what his mistake was. The Failure to Store Receptacle quotes the agent responsible: “I did notice 3/30 gallon plastic can(s) positioned out on the walkway during a non-collection day.” Jason defends himself saying that in the last 30 years he had been living there, they always took the garbage out Monday and Thursday in order to be collected on Tuesday and Friday.

However, city sanitation rules specify that cans ought to be put out no earlier than 4:00 p.m. from October 1st to April 1st, and that it is illegal to put out your trash cans a day before pick-up. Jason got his ticket just half an hour before 4 o’clock. He was actually really suspicious about the whole thing and was wondering if collectors sit down the block waiting for the criminals to show up with their garbage a few minutes earlier. Furthermore, he says he wasn’t even aware of this new city ordinance and intends to fight for his thicket, because it is a symbol of how bad things are organized.

Jansen accuses the town for being ridiculous in this fight for money, and adds that the city has so many issues, but they’ve decided to make such a big deal out of a silly ticket. Hundreds of law abiding, hard working, taxpaying residents put out their trash a few minutes earlier. It’s certainly not a crime, and it can’t be illegal. Other individuals are throwing bottles, paper, and other stuff on the streets every day, but nobody does anything about that; however, putting your garbage out for pick-up 10 minutes earlier calls for a $100 fine.

Overall, the agent’s decision to give the man a fine is understandable. He was just doing what he has been told to, and the law has its purpose, nobody wants trash cans all over the street. But on the other hand, how does such a thing encourage people to recycle and take their garbage out in an appropriate manner?