Securr MW01-S or MW01-P Waste Kiosk

Medical and Pharmaceutical Needs Met by These

The Securr Corporation is a recognized leader in the field of waste management.  The company has long been involved in developing waste receptacles that are specific to the special needs that may be found in so many parts of the health care system.  There is an especially critical need to take precautions to safely dispose of hazardous wastes generated by health care procedures.

The safe disposal of blood and other bodily fluids presents special hazards in regards to transmission of disease.  Used needles and the abundance of glassware that must be discarded are dangerous to handle and present the risk of puncture wounds to anyone such materials come in contact with.

The MW01-S and the MW01-P are two waste kiosks that the Securr Corporation has developed to handle the precautionary requirements that are warranted when disposing of medical waste.  Both are sturdily built products that are ADA compliant.  They are durable in nature, yet present an appealing presence.

The two models employ a chute style loading door.  The system ensures the contents remain safely in place.  There is no access to any of the contents through this aperture.  The contents are removed via a side door that is locked.  Without the key for access, there is no means for contact by any unauthorized personnel.  The MW01-S is specifically designed for sharps disposal where puncture is a primary consideration.  The MW01-P is aimed towards pharmaceutical disposal.  It employs a two lock, two key system for extra security.

Both Built to Last

All Securr products are built with durability in mind.  This makes its waste containers and recycling bins a worthwhile investment.  They will stand up to many years of service under grueling conditions.  The MW01 models are not subject to the sort of harsh external environments that outdoor containers must endure, but the materials they contain must be completely sealed away from the public.  That demands a product built to the highest standards with the finest materials.

The MW01 line is constructed from galvanealed steel which renders it highly resistant to corrosion.  The material is exceptionally strong since it is composed of cold rolled steel.  A galvanized coating is layered on top giving it the same qualities as galvanized steel, but in this form the surface can be covered with a powder coating.  This can make for a more attractive appearance.

Design work possibilities open up on such a surface.  Company logos and other sorts of ornamentation can be added as wished.  The Securr Corporation takes custom orders, and there are discounts available for bulk purchases.  Skilled professionals are available to service customer needs.  Call 1-888-671-7066 to speak with a customer service representative.

The MW01 line comes with a stainless steel chute opening that allows for easy disposal while maintaining the security of the discards.  Their use will help ensure that potentially dangerous waste products generated at a site are held in a safe manner until the wastes can be removed from the premises.