Securr Clothing Collection Bins for Clothing Donation

Securr is mainly known for selling quality trash cans and waste receptacles, however, this store also offers other bins that can meet a totally different purpose. The best example for this one is none other than the collection bin. A lot of people these days are looking for such a thing. This is perfect for those who need to collect books, clothing, and any other item, and with a collection bin, filing them or keeping them in one place will never be too hard. For most people, this is probably the first time that they heard about collection bins, but these bins are surely useful. Once you will get your very own collection bin, you can really tell the difference with its presence.

Similar to the Securr trash cans, these collection bins are made with quality too. The bins are quite durable and are made from high quality materials. The exterior or the whole construction is made from cold rolled steel with galvanized coating. This simply means that every bin is corrosion resistant and it is protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This does not only keep the collection safe and away from harm, but it also gives an aesthetic purpose, making the bin more attractive and suitable for long-term use.

Since there are a number of options out today, how will you know that you are buying the right bin? Well, there are many points to consider but you must first look into your needs. What exactly is the bin you need? Do you need a book collection bin or a clothing collection bin? Regardless of which bin you want to buy, both are internally reinforced with lockable latching mechanism. There is also a loading door for every bin, making it easier for people to put some books or clothing inside. There is even a special offer, called as the collection or rolling cart, perfect for the collection of heavy materials like books.

But if a clothing or textile collection bin is needed, there is one option that is surely the best there is. It is made up of heavy materials and high-grade powder coat, with a theft-resistance loading door. This door closes by itself too. Such bin is reinforced from the inside and is equipped with full length stainless hinges. Still, it comes with easy to use open chute, allowing people to put in more clothing conveniently. And one other unique feature is that the bins or units can be bolted together, to save more space inside and outside the house.

No matter which bin people need, one thing is for

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sure, the quality of the Securr bins will always be better when compared to other options being offered in the market these days. If you are not quite sure of which one to buy, you can always contact the customer service of Securr to help ease that confusion. Discuss your situation and point out your needs, and Securr will be happy to help you with your concerns.