Keep Track of Towels with the Towel Return Station from Securr


For schools or other businesses that issue towels to clients, such as gyms with pool areas and hotels or resorts with swimming pools, keeping track of towels can be an arduous task. Not only do you want your students, clients or customers to be able to easily access the towels that they need, but you also want to ensure the clean towels are easily available while the used towels are safely put away and easily accessible for collection. With the help of a Towel Return Station from Securr, you can easily achieve all of these goals!

Keeping the Towels Where You Need Them

The concept of the Towel Return Station is quite simple. Set up in a way that is similar to the traditional trash can, the Towel Return Station has a slot at the top where used towels can be easily placed inside of the locked bin. Above this slot, the Towel Return Station features a small shelf where clean towels can be placed for easy retrieval. If you prefer to keep clean towels in another location where they need to be checked out through a staff member, the shelf can be used for signage or for placement of other items that clients or students may need, such as swim caps or goggles.

Retrieving Towels with Ease

Towels that are placed inside of the Towel Return Station are safely locked away so they cannot be stolen, accidentally used or otherwise tampered with. When you are ready to retrieve the towels for cleaning, the entire front panel of the container swings open so you can easily reach the towels without having to stand or bend in an awkward or uncomfortable position.

Quality You Can Trust

The Towel Return Station from Securr is made from corrosion resistant steel and powder coated in the color of your choice at no extra charge. Available colors include black, fir green, forest brown, olive green, sky blue and white. The corrosion resistant steel and powder coating helps to ensure the wet towels do not slowly cause damage to the inside of the Towel Return Station over time.

Standing 46 inches tall with a 20-inch width and a 20-inch length, this Towel Return Station weighs 175 pounds. The size of the station makes it small enough to fit just about anywhere that it is needed without taking up an unnecessarily large amount of space. On the other hand, the station has a large enough capacity to hold plenty of towels so you are not constantly needing to empty it for more space.

Backed by a one-year warranty, the Towel Return Station comes complete with the words “Towel Return” written on the front. By selecting a color for your Towel Return Center that is different from the color of the trash and recycling receptacles at your school or business, you can further help to differentiate this bin from others that you may have. Contact Securr Trash today to learn more about how you can use these bins or how you can qualify for discounted rates!