Locking Trash Cans Keep Waste Secure

Preventing Pilferage a Key Concept of Locking Trash Cans

Securr is a firm that is committed to serving the needs associated with waste disposal. The firm has long been active in the field of recyclables and has come to appreciate the need there is to have recyclable bins available in all sizes that contain locking mechanisms. The recycling movement has mushroomed in scale in recent years driven both by the efforts to preserve and enhance the environment and also by the significant resource value to be found in many disposals.

Items such as glass, plastics, and papers have genuine worth and can now be redeemed for ready cash at innumerable recycling centers across the land. Large numbers of people take advantage of these sites which are frequently found in large parking lots around grocery stores and shopping malls.

The abundance of these sites point to the growing need for waste receptacles with locking capabilities. It is not always possible to empty all of these receptacles at the same time that the recycling center ceases operations for the day. Depending on what reprocessing centers are used and how close they are to the recycling center, bins may frequently sit half full overnight on a frequent basis. Just as thieves are not above stripping electrical wire out of utility boxes and telephone switching stations in order to get the copper wire contained within, so also will some thieves resort to raiding recyclable bins to get the material contained within. An unlocked container at a recycling center can prove to be a tempting target to thieves.

Liability Issues Avoided

Recycling centers must assume responsibility for the materials they gather. Injuries may result from materials that are left unguarded. Unsightly litter can be the result of unwanted scavengers rummaging through the trash. The owners of any site where a recycling center operates will expect the personnel there to maintain a clean and hygienic program.

Securr offers a range of security devices depending on the level of protection sought by the user. Some containers will have simple locking hasps while more secure ones may opt for keyed locks. A single key can be used to unlock a large number of bins if that is what the operator of recycling center prefers. In this way, a single key will be all that is needed to maintain full operations at the site.

The BearSaver line of containers that Securr offers features designs that thwart intrusions by animals. This can be an important consideration in areas where wildlife abounds. The odor of food waste can prove to be an irresistible attraction to many creatures and can often lead to unwanted encounters with people. This is especially true in the case of bears, but raccoons and other animals as well can prove to be dangerous in a sudden encounter. In all cases, the food will not be something that wild animals should be eating or
getting used to eating. Once habituated to such handouts, wild animals can prove to be a nuisance that has to be removed.