Securr Advertising Trash Cans Makes Money for U.S. Cities

Waste Receptacles a Good Spot for Ads

Securr is the leading company when it comes to trash cans and recycling bins. The company has been at the forefront of all the leading innovations that have occurred in the field of managing the storage of unwanted waste and recycling materials. In this vein, Securr has led in the efforts to turn receptacles into unique points for ad placement. The concept is part of the new way of thinking in the ad world. This has been termed “out of home advertising.”

By placing ads on receptacles, the lowly trash can is potentially transformed into a revenue source while still maintaining its primary purpose of trash containment. The University of Southern California is just one of the enterprises that has sought out this new revenue source. The campus contains a great many trash cans, and they are constantly used by the students, faculty, and visitors. The school was thus able to secure a lucrative contract for product placement on its receptacles,

The effort was aided by Securr’s manufacturing process.

All of Securr’s products are designed and manufactured at its production faculty in Ontario, CA. It uses the latest in software and numerically controlled machinery to quickly implement changes in fabrication. Custom orders are therefore easily and quickly filled. By calling 1-888-671-7066, one can talk to a qualified technician who will be able to resolve any problem involving waste management.

Ads Aided by Manufacturing Process

Securr uses galvanealed metal in its manufacturing process. This has the same sort of corrosion resistant quality that galvanized metal has, but it has the added advantage of being able to receive a powder finish. Such a surface provides an ideal medium for the application of paint and vinyl decals. Coupled with Securr’s ability to individualize orders, this means that Securr can paint ads onto panels. It can also place ads through the use of vinyl decals which may be fashioned in virtually any size, shape, or color.

Care must always be taken in how an ad should look. Too small of an ad will go unnoticed. Overly large ads may be seen as unwanted intrusions. Securr also reminds customers to empty their receptacles in a timely fashion. An ad placed on a receptacle that is overflowing with trash will not present the sort of message that the ad seeks to convey.

Securr trash cans and recycling bins that are suitable for use as ad space come in a variety of styles and shapes. The Guardian Series has a rounded appearance while the Sentinel Series has a squared design. Both come with either indoor, outdoor or recyclable tops. They can be delivered either assembled or unassembled. All are ADA compliant. The squared units also come in side by side double units.

Another attractive feature of Securr trash can and recycling bins is there method

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for emptying the containers. Other manufacturers use a top unloading system. This can strain backs. Securr products unload from a side door for a safe and fast means of emptying.