Securr Guardian Series Outdoor 55-Gallon Trash Cans


Waste receptacles offered by Securr are qualitative, ADA compliant, and they’re characterized by efficiency and durability. They have a very pleasant aspect and they’re appropriate for any type of environment. The containers are made of highly-resistant, non-corrosive materials that will perfectly secure the content inside. The bins have numerous panel options, such as solid stainless steel, custom laser cut, powder coated colors, and perforated stainless steel.

What is more, for every model you can opt for a capacity of 35 or 55 gallons, according to your specific needs. Likewise, these waste receptacles are uniquely designed and therefore, you can remove the content from the sides and not from the top. Overall, these containers are extra-resistant, and cope well in any sort of environment. All Securr bins are great-looking, the feature an attractive aspect meant to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking to invest in a trash can for your home or for your outdoor space, check the main benefits of Securr trash cans:

  • Different styles for the side panels
  • Replaceable side panels
  • Made from corrosion resistant steel
  • Two standard outdoor options available for recycling
  • Custom openings upon request
  • Side opening door for facile discharging
  • Selection of multiple standard colors, all using UV resistant powder coat
  • Colors included: black, sky (light) blue, white, forest brown, olive and fir green.
  • Bolt down holes are situated on the inside
  • Rigid plastic liner is also included, along with Swings out bag racks, for no extra cost.
  • Standard markers available and they include: Recycle, Trash, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic and the classic Recycle symbol. Graphics and custom lettering are available for a small extra cost
  • ADA Compliant

Introducing the Securr Guardian Series Outdoor 55-Gallon Trash Cans

Securr has recently released the Guardian Series of containers that are available in 35 and 55 gallons size, and they feature a frame and lid made of highly-resistant galvannealed steel, and qualitative polycarbonate or steel panels. Also, the lids can be used indoor, as well as outdoor, and they feature several trash and recycle, opening options.

The Guardian Littler Receptacle is actually modular in construction, thus it permits the change of the side panels, the lids, and these are available in numerous styles and designs; thus, you can easily replace them whenever you want. Likewise, you may want to know that the hinges, latches, and hardware are fabricated entirely out of zinc or stainless steel, and the receptacle frames are made from corrosion resistant galvannealed steel, being finished with a special powder coating. For this reason, the finish is resistant to humidity, fog, salt spray, abrasions, ultraviolet light, and chemicals.

The Guardian Series

Outdoor 55-Gallon trash can is an extremely durable garbage recipient from Securr. It can be used in public areas such as parks and gardens, but it can additionally fit perfectly in harsh environments as well, such as forests and natural reserves. Made of resistant materials, the Securr bins can also be personalized. Hence, if you want to advertise your business and protect the environment, you can more than welcomed to customize your trash cans.