5 Tips for Enjoying a Safe Camping Trip

Camping can be a great way to spend time in the great outdoors, but there are also certain dangers associated with camping that can quickly bring an end to your fun. To ensure you have a good time when camping, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind.

Tip #1: Implement Safe Fire Practices

Building a fire is an important part of any camping trip. Not only will it keep you warm, but it is also useful for cooking meals and for enjoying traditional campfire treats such as s’mores. When building a fire, be sure to avoid setting up under low trees and never leave the fire unattended. Before going to bed, make sure the fire is extinguished completely. If you used a grill with coals, check to see if the park or campground has hot coal containers where the coals can be safely tossed away.

Tip #2: Practice Animal Safety

When camping in the outdoors, you are sharing your space with a wide variety of animals. While wild animals generally are not interested in harming humans, accidentally frightening one or inadvertently tempting one with food can lead to trouble. Never approach a wild animal and be sure to make some noise while hiking so you do not accidentally sneak up on an animal. Food should be stored indoors or hung from trees in order to keep it away from bears, while trash should be tossed in bear-safe receptacles.

Tip #3: Stay Hydrated

It is easy to get caught up in all of the fun of camping that you forget to drink plenty of water. Yet, dehydration can lead to sickness that will put an immediate end to your fun. Since you will be spending time outdoors under the sun, your body will need even more water than usual. Keep a water bottle near you at all times and take a few drinks every hour, even if you aren’t feeling particularly thirsty.

Tip #4: Wear Bug Spray

Not only are bugs a nuisance, but some of their bites and stings can lead to serious health issues. Keep yourself safe while reducing your risk of lime disease or other conditions by putting on bug spray. One full-body spritz is enough to keep you protected from bugs throughout the night.

Tip #5: Be Aware of Poisonous Plants

If you are sticking to well-maintained trails, you likely will not encounter poisonous plants such as poison ivy. Nonetheless, even in well-maintained areas, there is always the risk of coming into contact with these plants. Therefore, it is important to learn how to identify the poisonous plants in the area where you are camping so you can be sure to avoid them. Keep an eye on children to ensure they are not coming into contact with or ingesting plants that could be dangerous to them.

By keeping these simple safety tips in mind, you will significantly increase your chance of staying safe and creating nothing but positive memories on your camping trip!