Starting a Recycling Program in Your School

With hundreds of students and adults passing through their halls every day, schools are a great place to implement a recycling program. While most rely heavily on computers and no longer waste nearly as much paper as they once did, recycling programs can be used to address the waste of plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard and the other paper products that are still used in schools. For those schools that are interested in starting a recycling program, here are a few simple tips for getting one going.

Get Support for the Program

No recycling program will be successful if it is not backed by the administration, the custodial staff and other teachers in the building. Therefore, before you put a recycling program in place, it is a good idea to meet with others in your school in order to get their feedback and support. Not only will these individuals be able to provide suggestions in terms of how to run the program, but getting them involved in the planning process will help ensure that they continue to support the program after it is in place.

Identify Recycling Areas

Once you have gathered together a team to assist with developing your recycling program, you will need to determine where you will place your recycling containers. Many schools have simple bins placed in each classroom, but recycling containers can also be placed in the cafeteria, near athletic fields and in any other area where groups of people may gather within the building.

Obtain Recycling Containers

By contacting local businesses, you may be able to find a company that is willing to sponsor the purchase of recycling containers for your school. Once the funds have been acquired, recycling bins and containers can be purchased from Securr. We offer a variety of different cans and bins that are ideal for use in the school. Among these are:

By offering a variety of different sizes and styles, we make it possible for you to find the containers to best suit the needs of your school and the recycling program that you have developed.

Locate a Recycling Center

After collecting your recycled goods, you need to determine where you will take the items to be recycled. If you form a recycling club, you may be able to bring in some money for your school by having students sort out the aluminum cans so they can be delivered to a recycling center that will pay for the cans. If you do not have the resources or space available for collecting aluminum cans, look into the programs that your community has to offer. Many communities have an area where recycling can be dropped off at no cost and with no need to sort the recyclable items.