Securr DHS Compliant Trash Cans

In today’s world, public safety and security is a national concern.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was so concerned about security needs at public spaces like high traffic public transportation centers, they issued a directive requiring more protective measures. Passenger rail operators are required to implement new security procedures. The DHS directive states “At certain locations, operators will be required to remove trash receptacles, except clear plastic or bomb-resistant containers”.

DHS Compliance

Where can you find Department of Homeland Security compliant containers? SECURR is here to help. The Guardian Series trash cans are user and maintenance friendly trash and recycling receptacles. Most importantly, they are Homeland Security compliant. Guardian trash cans offer:

  • Heat-resistance
  • Clear polycarbonate panels
  • Scratch resistance
  • Durability
  • Reliability
The clear side panels offer peace of mind security, allowing the contents to be easily viewed by law enforcement and protective services when used with clear bags. The plastic panels are reliably durable because they use only the highest grade Makloron polycarbonate. Cans are available in two thicknesses – .236 thick and .093 thick (lower cost option). The clear plastic side panels on SECURR DHS Compliant receptacles won’t yellow.

Safe in all aspects

SECURR receptacles are a great choice aesthetically and ergonomically. Securr looks out for employees as well as the workplace. A unique swing-out bag rack is also included as a no charge option. The side opening design works to prevent costly back injuries from the strain of reaching over and down into a receptacle. Securr thinks of everything!
Their ADA compliant waste and recycling products are heavy-duty and pleasing to the eye. Cans are available in Standard and Decorative options. Multiple panel options are available in addition to the clear polycarbonate. Create a unique style with:
  • custom laser cut
  • solid stainless steel
  • perforated stainless steel
  • powder coated colors

Buy once and don’t worry for years

With lid options configured for either outdoor or indoor applications and trash or recycling openings, Securr cans fit all refuse collection needs. Use indoors or out and know that The SECURR® Guardian Series receptacles are the most durable, corrosion resistant products of this type available on the market. Manufactured using high-grade materials and finishes, these receptacles provide exceptional corrosion resistance in the harshest of environments for years of trouble-free service. Assembled with welds and 3/16”structural rivets, the receptacles resist:
  • humidity
  • salt spray
  • fog
  • ultraviolet light
  • abrasion
  • chemicals.
All models are offered with either 35 or 55 gallons of capacity. A durable plastic rigid liner (or swing-out bag rack) and high quality locking latch are included.
Use Guardian Series security-conscious refuse and recycling receptacles for:
  • Commuter Rail Systems
  • Subway Systems
  • Airports Bus Stations
  • Cruise Ship Terminals
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Government Buildings
The clear polycarbonate panels provide complete visibility of the contents to comply with the Department of Homeland Security directions.

Tips for storing and disposing of garbage while camping

Tips for storing and disposing of garbage while camping

Camping gets you out into the great outdoors to enjoy fresh air and the beauty of nature, but nature includes a number of wild animals that are likely to show an interest in your garbage. There are a number of animals commonly attracted by the smell of food and garbage such as raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, and even some birds, but bears are the most dangerous of them all. Proper storage of your garbage while camping and hiking can prevent a bear encounter as well as a big mess in your campsite, including the destruction of expensive gear and camping furniture.

The method in which you take care of or store your garbage depends greatly on the type of campground you are visiting. Developed campgrounds are likely to provide clearly marked garbage bins and employ staff who empty the bins regularly for safety. The frequency of the garbage pickup depends on the size of the campground. When camping in backcountry or un-serviced campgrounds, finding your own garbage storage solutions is important. Even with garbage bins provided, there are several important things to remember:

  • Never leave food or garbage unattended overnight or when leaving the campsite
  • Take garbage to provided bins right away
  • Always secure the lid of the provided bin after dumping your garbage
  • Notify campground staff of any overflowing garbage bins

Besides the smell of food in the garbage, anything with a strong smell may draw the attention of bears. Aside from food, bears may be attracted by other items, including toothpaste, shampoo, soap, insect repellant, perfumes, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products. These items should not be left around a campsite and should be secured properly just like your garbage.

Depending on how you choose to camp will determine what type of garbage storage options you will need. Those traveling in a motor home or hard-walled travel trailer might be safe leaving garbage inside the camper; however, it’s important to be aware that bears can access a camper, especially through a window or screen door that is not closed. Even in an RV it’s best to follow proper garbage storage procedures. Most RV owners tend to camp in well-developed campgrounds where garbage bins are readily available. Tent campers and those using any kind of soft-wall camper need to be more cautious. Never store garbage of any kind in a tent, no matter whether it’s a small tent or a large one, or in a soft-walled camper. Consider your camping equipment and the right garbage storage for your needs.

If you are camping in an undeveloped campground or in the backcountry, you will need to take measures to ensure that your garbage is out of reach when you sleep or are away from the campsite. Garbage should always be kept away from sleeping areas and the area where you have set up your cooking gear, including your cook stove and, of course, all food. The washing and bathing area should also be far away from the garbage and cooking areas.

If you have a vehicle, store all food and garbage inside with the doors and windows closed. It’s preferable that you park your vehicle as far away from the sleeping area as possible in case a bear comes along and wants to investigate.

A bear hang is a common method used to hang up your garbage in the trees and out of a bear’s reach. Remember that bears are excellent climbers, so hanging the garbage in one tree is not a deterrent. Garbage should be hung in between two trees as far out of reach as possible. A bear hang has certain requirements in order to be effective, including being at least ten feet off the ground, at least 4 feet from the trunk of any tree, and a minimum of 100 feet from the sleeping area of the campsite.

It’s essential to keep a clean campsite and ensure garbage is secured whether you are in a large developed campground or out in the wilderness. Any campground can draw the attention of hungry raccoons, squirrels, and bears. Proper garbage storage is the best way to avoid a big mess and a potentially dangerous bear encounter and is an important part of your camping gear.

Easy Composting for Your Spring Garden


Interested in reducing your household waste? Consider composting! Composting might seem complicated and cumbersome, but it’s actually easier than it looks — and before you know it, you’ll have an excellent source of nutrients for your spring garden.

The fastest way to get finished compost for this year’s garden is to make an active, or “hot,” compost pile. By providing a steady supply of water and air to the pile, you’ll encourage the microorganisms that drive the composting process to work faster. Here are the five key steps for making compost in about 30 days.

1. Shred and chop.
Shred or chop materials as finely as you can before mixing them into the pile. For example, you can chop fallen leaves by running your lawn mower over them. The same strategy applies to kitchen scraps and the like — “the smaller, the better” is the rule for compost ingredients.

2. Mix dry browns and wet greens.
The two basic types of ingredients for making compost are those rich in carbon and those rich in nitrogen. Carbon-rich materials, or “dry browns,” include leaves, hay, and straw. Nitrogen-rich materials, or “wet greens,” include kitchen scraps and grass clippings; these work best when used sparsely and mixed in well so they don’t mat down. Your goal is to keep a fair mix of these materials throughout the pile.

3. Strive for size.
Build the pile at least 3 × 3 × 3 (or 4) feet so materials will heat up and decompose quickly. (Don’t make the pile too much bigger than that, though, or it will be hard to turn.) Unless you have this critical mass of materials, your compost pile can’t really get cooking. Check the pile a couple of days after it is built up—it should be hot in the middle, a sign that your microbial decomposers are working hard.

4. Add water as needed.
Make sure the pile stays moist, but not too wet. (It should feel like a damp sponge.) You may ned to add water occasionally. Or, if you live in a very wet climate, you may need to cover the pile with a tarp to keep it from becoming too soggy.

5. Keep things moving.
Moving your compost adds air to the mix. You can open up air holes by getting in there with a pitchfork. Even better, shift the entire pile over a few feet, bit by bit, taking care to move what was on the outside to the inside of the new pile, and vice versa. Or consider using a compost tumbler, a container that moves the materials for you when you turn it.

Do not compost meat, bones or fish scraps (they will attract pests), perennial weeds (they can be spread with the compost) or diseased plants. Do not include pet manures in compost that will be used on food crops. Banana peels, peach peels and orange rinds may contain pesticide residue, and should be kept out of the compost. Black walnut leaves should not be composted. Sawdust may be added to the compost, but should be mixed or scattered thinly to avoid clumping. Be sure the sawdust is clean, with no machine oil or chain oil residues from cutting equipment.

To gather kitchen wastes for your compost, keep a container with a lid and a handle under the sink. Consider using a stainless steel compost pail with air filter, or a ceramic model. If you don’t mind occasional smells, use an old ice-cream pail. Chop up any large chunks before you toss them in. When the container is full, take it out to your composter and toss in the contents.

With just a little effort, and a little savvy, you can have a wonderful mix of nutrient-rich compost ready in time for spring. Happy gardening!

Treat Your Trash Can Right: Reduce Christmas Waste

While Christmas is the time of giving, your trash can shouldn’t be on the receiving end. When you think about it, there are quite a few ways to reduce Christmas waste.

Christmas tree

shutterstock_89150698Instead of buying a real Christmas tree, invest in a quality artificial one. Today’s artificial Christmas trees are very lifelike and can be used year after year. While a quality tree might be more expensive than a real tree, consider it an investment and in the process you’ll do Mother Nature a favor.

If you have to have a real tree, you can cut the tree into pieces after Christmas and burn it if you have a fireplace. Not only will you reduce Christmas waste, your house will benefit from a pine tree scent.

Wrapping paper

Every year, tons wrapping paper is being used to wrap presents. Yet what you give your family and friends might just as well fit into a gift bag. After Christmas, a gift bag can serve a multitude of purposes and thus stay out of the trash can. If you have to use wrapping paper, try to save the paper to be used again.

Giving gifts

Take a moment and consider how you can reduce waste when giving gifts.

• If you have people on your Christmas list that you want to surprise with a book, consider giving them an electronic version. E-books don’t require wrapping and can be read on a portable reader or on a computer.

• Homemade gifts are always appreciated. Whether you knit someone a sweater, bake a tin of cookies, or cook a specialty jam, you’re guaranteed to be rewarded with a smile.

• Have you heard that one person’s trash might be another person’s treasure? You might have something that is no longer of use to you or has fallen out of grace, but that doesn’t mean someone else might not be thrilled to have it.

• If you’re not sure what to give or you’re worried about expensive postage, consider giving someone a gift card. Gift cards come in neat little pouches, don’t need wrapping and can be send in the mail in a regular envelop.

Christmas cards

Every year millions of dollars are spend on buying and sending Christmas cards. You can reduce Christmas waste and treat your and other’s trash can right by not sending paper cards this year but opting for electronic cards.

Keep the cards you receive out of your trash can by donating them to a school or charitable organization or make creative use of them by way of a collage.

Christmas food

shutterstock_167353871When you’re expecting guests for Christmas dinner, it’s easy to go overboard on your grocery shopping.

• Limit your expenses by creating a menu or a food list before heading out. Not only will you save money, you’ll have less waste.

• If you have leftovers from dinner, place them in containers and store them in the fridge or freezer.

• The carcass of a chicken or turkey can be boiled to make soup, leftover veggies can be added.

• Leftover potatoes can be fried, while extra meat goes great with sandwiches.

• If you don’t want to deal with leftovers, consider packaging the food and giving it to a homeless person rather than throwing it in the trash.

Be responsible and do your part. Treat your trash can right and reduce Christmas waste.

Securr Guardian Series Outdoor 55-Gallon Trash Cans


Waste receptacles offered by Securr are qualitative, ADA compliant, and they’re characterized by efficiency and durability. They have a very pleasant aspect and they’re appropriate for any type of environment. The containers are made of highly-resistant, non-corrosive materials that will perfectly secure the content inside. The bins have numerous panel options, such as solid stainless steel, custom laser cut, powder coated colors, and perforated stainless steel.

What is more, for every model you can opt for a capacity of 35 or 55 gallons, according to your specific needs. Likewise, these waste receptacles are uniquely designed and therefore, you can remove the content from the sides and not from the top. Overall, these containers are extra-resistant, and cope well in any sort of environment. All Securr bins are great-looking, the feature an attractive aspect meant to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking to invest in a trash can for your home or for your outdoor space, check the main benefits of Securr trash cans:

  • Different styles for the side panels
  • Replaceable side panels
  • Made from corrosion resistant steel
  • Two standard outdoor options available for recycling
  • Custom openings upon request
  • Side opening door for facile discharging
  • Selection of multiple standard colors, all using UV resistant powder coat
  • Colors included: black, sky (light) blue, white, forest brown, olive and fir green.
  • Bolt down holes are situated on the inside
  • Rigid plastic liner is also included, along with Swings out bag racks, for no extra cost.
  • Standard markers available and they include: Recycle, Trash, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic and the classic Recycle symbol. Graphics and custom lettering are available for a small extra cost
  • ADA Compliant

Introducing the Securr Guardian Series Outdoor 55-Gallon Trash Cans

Securr has recently released the Guardian Series of containers that are available in 35 and 55 gallons size, and they feature a frame and lid made of highly-resistant galvannealed steel, and qualitative polycarbonate or steel panels. Also, the lids can be used indoor, as well as outdoor, and they feature several trash and recycle, opening options.

The Guardian Littler Receptacle is actually modular in construction, thus it permits the change of the side panels, the lids, and these are available in numerous styles and designs; thus, you can easily replace them whenever you want. Likewise, you may want to know that the hinges, latches, and hardware are fabricated entirely out of zinc or stainless steel, and the receptacle frames are made from corrosion resistant galvannealed steel, being finished with a special powder coating. For this reason, the finish is resistant to humidity, fog, salt spray, abrasions, ultraviolet light, and chemicals.

The Guardian Series

Outdoor 55-Gallon trash can is an extremely durable garbage recipient from Securr. It can be used in public areas such as parks and gardens, but it can additionally fit perfectly in harsh environments as well, such as forests and natural reserves. Made of resistant materials, the Securr bins can also be personalized. Hence, if you want to advertise your business and protect the environment, you can more than welcomed to customize your trash cans.

Securr Makes Custom Trash Cans for Cities and Municipalities


Securr is one of the most reputable and dependable trash can companies out there. They produce durable waste receptacles and recycle bins suitable for all kinds of environments. Among some of their best sellers are the Sentinel Series, the Guardian Series, and the Logo Trash Cans.

Introducing the Sentinel Series by Securr

The Sentinel Series from Securr is a special type of recycle bin that can fit up to 64 gallons of waste. The receptacles are ADA compliant, resistant to corrosion and are a great choice for public spaces such as natural reserves, parks and other recreational areas. Made from recycled materials that are corrosion resistant, the Sentinel Series from Securr are regarded as some of the sturdiest of the bunch.

They use laser-cut powder panels and the customer is at liberty to choose the best color for the bin. Consequently, these waste receptacles are excellent for advertising too. They fit perfectly in schools, parks, forests, and other public spaces. The great finishes and high-grade materials make the Sentinel Series weather-resistant as well.

If parts of the containers are damaged, they can be easily replaced with new pieces. Ergo, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new container. The side panels are available in numerous styles, colors and sizes, including: powder coated-steel, stainless steel, clear polycarbonate, solid stainless steel and custom laser cut. The powder-coated panels have diverse colors and designs for the top and the frame. Moreover, you can easily use the containers without having to remove the content from the top but from the side.

Introducing the Guardian Series from Securr

The Guardian Series from Securr is a special type of recycle bin that can fit up to 55 gallons of waste. The trash cans are ADA compliant, heavy-duty, and they’re perfect for cities and municipalities. All bins are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and when it comes to picking the color, the customer will have at his disposal a wide palette to choose from. The containers are sturdy, as well as attractive for public spaces as well. All bins have multiple panels available including powder coated colors, solid stainless steel, perforated steel, and custom laser cut.

Unlike traditional bins, the content is removed from the sides for the Securr trash cans. To ensure safety, as well as prevent additional back injuries, the trash cans have a plastic rigid liner included. Cities and municipalities should only make use of resistant waste receptacles to protect the environment. Consequently, it’s important to opt for eye-popping colors because the people should see the bins extremely easily when they walk by.

All Securr Trash Cans have a pleasant design meant to fit perfectly in different types of spaces. Whether we’re talking about city parks, public areas, or schools, good-looking trash cans should keep an area clean and chemical-free above everything else. For the manufacturing process, the company uses qualitative materials that are non- corrosive and extremely durable. Whether you want to promote a business or protect the environment, the recycle bins from Securr can help you do both.

Securr Advertising Trash Cans Makes Money for U.S. Cities

Waste Receptacles a Good Spot for Ads

Securr is the leading company when it comes to trash cans and recycling bins. The company has been at the forefront of all the leading innovations that have occurred in the field of managing the storage of unwanted waste and recycling materials. In this vein, Securr has led in the efforts to turn receptacles into unique points for ad placement. The concept is part of the new way of thinking in the ad world. This has been termed “out of home advertising.”

By placing ads on receptacles, the lowly trash can is potentially transformed into a revenue source while still maintaining its primary purpose of trash containment. The University of Southern California is just one of the enterprises that has sought out this new revenue source. The campus contains a great many trash cans, and they are constantly used by the students, faculty, and visitors. The school was thus able to secure a lucrative contract for product placement on its receptacles,

The effort was aided by Securr’s manufacturing process.

All of Securr’s products are designed and manufactured at its production faculty in Ontario, CA. It uses the latest in software and numerically controlled machinery to quickly implement changes in fabrication. Custom orders are therefore easily and quickly filled. By calling 1-888-671-7066, one can talk to a qualified technician who will be able to resolve any problem involving waste management.

Ads Aided by Manufacturing Process

Securr uses galvanealed metal in its manufacturing process. This has the same sort of corrosion resistant quality that galvanized metal has, but it has the added advantage of being able to receive a powder finish. Such a surface provides an ideal medium for the application of paint and vinyl decals. Coupled with Securr’s ability to individualize orders, this means that Securr can paint ads onto panels. It can also place ads through the use of vinyl decals which may be fashioned in virtually any size, shape, or color.

Care must always be taken in how an ad should look. Too small of an ad will go unnoticed. Overly large ads may be seen as unwanted intrusions. Securr also reminds customers to empty their receptacles in a timely fashion. An ad placed on a receptacle that is overflowing with trash will not present the sort of message that the ad seeks to convey.

Securr trash cans and recycling bins that are suitable for use as ad space come in a variety of styles and shapes. The Guardian Series has a rounded appearance while the Sentinel Series has a squared design. Both come with either indoor, outdoor or recyclable tops. They can be delivered either assembled or unassembled. All are ADA compliant. The squared units also come in side by side double units.

Another attractive feature of Securr trash can and recycling bins is there method

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for emptying the containers. Other manufacturers use a top unloading system. This can strain backs. Securr products unload from a side door for a safe and fast means of emptying.

Locking Trash Cans Keep Waste Secure

Preventing Pilferage a Key Concept of Locking Trash Cans

Securr is a firm that is committed to serving the needs associated with waste disposal. The firm has long been active in the field of recyclables and has come to appreciate the need there is to have recyclable bins available in all sizes that contain locking mechanisms. The recycling movement has mushroomed in scale in recent years driven both by the efforts to preserve and enhance the environment and also by the significant resource value to be found in many disposals.

Items such as glass, plastics, and papers have genuine worth and can now be redeemed for ready cash at innumerable recycling centers across the land. Large numbers of people take advantage of these sites which are frequently found in large parking lots around grocery stores and shopping malls.

The abundance of these sites point to the growing need for waste receptacles with locking capabilities. It is not always possible to empty all of these receptacles at the same time that the recycling center ceases operations for the day. Depending on what reprocessing centers are used and how close they are to the recycling center, bins may frequently sit half full overnight on a frequent basis. Just as thieves are not above stripping electrical wire out of utility boxes and telephone switching stations in order to get the copper wire contained within, so also will some thieves resort to raiding recyclable bins to get the material contained within. An unlocked container at a recycling center can prove to be a tempting target to thieves.

Liability Issues Avoided

Recycling centers must assume responsibility for the materials they gather. Injuries may result from materials that are left unguarded. Unsightly litter can be the result of unwanted scavengers rummaging through the trash. The owners of any site where a recycling center operates will expect the personnel there to maintain a clean and hygienic program.

Securr offers a range of security devices depending on the level of protection sought by the user. Some containers will have simple locking hasps while more secure ones may opt for keyed locks. A single key can be used to unlock a large number of bins if that is what the operator of recycling center prefers. In this way, a single key will be all that is needed to maintain full operations at the site.

The BearSaver line of containers that Securr offers features designs that thwart intrusions by animals. This can be an important consideration in areas where wildlife abounds. The odor of food waste can prove to be an irresistible attraction to many creatures and can often lead to unwanted encounters with people. This is especially true in the case of bears, but raccoons and other animals as well can prove to be dangerous in a sudden encounter. In all cases, the food will not be something that wild animals should be eating or
getting used to eating. Once habituated to such handouts, wild animals can prove to be a nuisance that has to be removed.


Securr Clothing Collection Bins for Clothing Donation

Securr is mainly known for selling quality trash cans and waste receptacles, however, this store also offers other bins that can meet a totally different purpose. The best example for this one is none other than the collection bin. A lot of people these days are looking for such a thing. This is perfect for those who need to collect books, clothing, and any other item, and with a collection bin, filing them or keeping them in one place will never be too hard. For most people, this is probably the first time that they heard about collection bins, but these bins are surely useful. Once you will get your very own collection bin, you can really tell the difference with its presence.

Similar to the Securr trash cans, these collection bins are made with quality too. The bins are quite durable and are made from high quality materials. The exterior or the whole construction is made from cold rolled steel with galvanized coating. This simply means that every bin is corrosion resistant and it is protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This does not only keep the collection safe and away from harm, but it also gives an aesthetic purpose, making the bin more attractive and suitable for long-term use.

Since there are a number of options out today, how will you know that you are buying the right bin? Well, there are many points to consider but you must first look into your needs. What exactly is the bin you need? Do you need a book collection bin or a clothing collection bin? Regardless of which bin you want to buy, both are internally reinforced with lockable latching mechanism. There is also a loading door for every bin, making it easier for people to put some books or clothing inside. There is even a special offer, called as the collection or rolling cart, perfect for the collection of heavy materials like books.

But if a clothing or textile collection bin is needed, there is one option that is surely the best there is. It is made up of heavy materials and high-grade powder coat, with a theft-resistance loading door. This door closes by itself too. Such bin is reinforced from the inside and is equipped with full length stainless hinges. Still, it comes with easy to use open chute, allowing people to put in more clothing conveniently. And one other unique feature is that the bins or units can be bolted together, to save more space inside and outside the house.

No matter which bin people need, one thing is for

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sure, the quality of the Securr bins will always be better when compared to other options being offered in the market these days. If you are not quite sure of which one to buy, you can always contact the customer service of Securr to help ease that confusion. Discuss your situation and point out your needs, and Securr will be happy to help you with your concerns.

Outdoor Recycling Bins Keep Neighborhoods Clean

Today there are more and more eco-friendly consumers who care about the habitat they’re living in and want to recycle. For this reason, increasingly more bin companies are producing recycling containers. These recycling bins can be placed anywhere: on the streets, in the parks and even indoors, in your own home. There are also large recycle bins that assist in developing a recycling center. Irrespective of the need, nowadays you can find any kind of bin you want.

Recycle bins come in various colors, shapes and sizes and they are long-lasting, durable and surprisingly attractive. The more elegant products are made of stainless steel, but most recycle bins are made of plastic. Additionally, some bins have outward sloping tops, while others have inward sloping tops and their shapes range from rectangular to round designs. The best way to find the perfect recycling containers for your needs is searching on the internet for various companies that produce these items. You’ll discover plenty of choices for indoor or outdoor use.

The greatest thing about these products is that they can be easily customized with a graphic design or logo of your choice. For example, you can promote your business through these recycling containers. It’s a new, innovative and fun marketing technique. Not to mention that it will help you make a lot of money. If you want to go bigger, you can always opt for larger outdoor recycle bins that will allow you to place advertisements on 2, 3 or 4 sides. Moreover, these items can be customized according to your specific needs and projects and you’ll benefit from one of a kind recycling containers.

As you can see, these recycle bins are multifunctional. To begin with, they are attractive and complement a certain space. Second of all, they help various companies maximize their profits through unconventional advertising. The third and most important aspect is that recycling containers keep the streets and the neighborhoods clean. Individuals will be motivated to throw their garbage into these attractive trash cans and at the same time, recycle for the sake of the environment and the planet.

While keeping the neighborhood clean, people can also make it look more attractive. This means that they can search for containers in different colors, styles and capacities and choose the ones that complement the streets of their district. In fact, individuals can even make their neighborhood distinct by using recycle bins that reflect the character and history of the area. They can place a few large containers on every block and smaller bins on the streets. This way, residents won’t have to walk for several blocks until they find a recycle bin. It’s always better to choose bins made from stainless steel because they’re more resistant and long-lasting and will not rust, irrespective of the weather conditions. Also, people should use the most common types of recycle bins with aluminum, plastic, glass and trash symbols. Finally, the colors on the recycle bins should be related to the environment such as green, brown, blue, white or black.